Ski Greece


Kernitsa Homestead  is a 3 bedroom home with an additional 2 bedroom flat built in the early 20th century on your own 2.5 acre property with views of the mountains and the Sea of Corinth in the picturesque area in the North-Western part of Peloponnese in Greece.

Car service, fresh oil, yoghurts and other natural fresh foods are provided as part of the experience.

20 kilometres from the large ski town of Kalavryta, 20 minutes from Aegion and 30 minutes from the city of Patras and only 200 kilometres from Athens.

Centrally located, Kernitsa is only 1-hour drive from Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Epidavrus, Argos, Nafplion and Ancient Corinth.

The monasteries of Agia Lavra where the 1821 revolution took place and Mega Spilio, the oldest continuous monastery in the Orthodox Church are only 20 minutes from the Homestead.

Mount Helmos international ski resort is only 20 minutes by car for you and the family to enjoy great skiing and great tavernas and restaurants and 20 minutes to the sea.

Mt. Helmos enjoys an altitude of 2,340m and is the second largest ski resort in Greece located in a breathtaking fiery alpine landscape.

Kalavryta ski resort boasts 12 ski runs (2 difficult, 2 intermediate, 6 easy & 2 very easy) of 20km in length,

2 chair lifts and 5 ski lifts, special grounds for snowboarding and extreme games, and other winter attractions, such as a special moguls ski run, and a snowboard park.

Visitors at Helmos mountain can also find coffee shops, snack bars, restaurants, ski rental facilities and sporting goods, organized ski school and First Aid Station.

All bookings for the Kernitsa Homestead are for a minimum of 10-day stays - book early to avoid any disappointment,

Kernitsa Lifestyle

Kernitsa Homestead is opening our home for overseas guest to enjoy a rustic experience on rural land enjoying the beauty of nature for your family in our fully furnished accommodation without a television.

Built in 1930, the countryside will be your home for 10 days so that the family can enjoy wholesome living in the most beautiful snow-covered mountains of the Peloponnese in the south of Greece only a 2-hour drive from Athens.

The family can appreciate the warmth of an open wood fireplace, talking with each other and the peace and tranquillity that only an alpine environment can provide.

To make the experience more enjoyable for the family, on offer are the following natural and organic lifestyles: -

  1. Chop wood for your fireplace and enjoy the warmth;
  2. Enjoy virgin olive oil delivered to your door;
  3. Gather olives with the locals and eat the olives with cheese;
  4. Fresh farm baked bread daily;
  5. Fresh free-range farm eggs daily;
  6. Enjoy your 2.5-acre surrounds;
  7. Skiing and other snow sports;
  8. Enjoy the pine-fresh air of the mountains and enjoy spring fresh alpine mineral water from the well on the homestead;
  9. Enjoy a coffee or meal beholding the bluest Corinthian Sea which is only 20 minutes away;
  10. Eat at the local tavernas and restaurants with delicious home-made Greek delicacies like lentil and bean soups, moussaka, endives and a variety of local meats that are organic and mountain fed;

Airport transfer to and from Kernitsa can be arranged at an additional cost.

Local drivers are also available to delivery and return you on call from the ski resort of Mount Helmos, also for day tours to Ancient Olympia, Sparta, Epidavrus, Delphi or any other ancient or historical sites in the Peloponnese or for any other travel needs taking away the burden of driving on your holiday.

Games masters can also advise you or arrange for you any hunting trips in the snow.

All amenities including hospitals, doctors, dentists, supermarkets and other city living facilities are only 20 minutes from the ideally located Kernitsa Homestead in nearby major metropolis such as Kalavryta, Aegion, Patras and Akrata to service all your needs.


Kernitsa Alpine Walking Tours© prides itself in the knowledge of finding you the unsurpassed mountain trekking in our snow-covered homeland of Mount Helmos in the Peloponnese of Greece.

Our mountain-masters provide our eclectic clients the privilege of a superb winter trekking experience to explore the virgin pine trees and snow-covered mountains of the breath-taking winter of Greece.

Our ongoing mission and promise is to explore and interpret the Alps and the mountainous areas of Mount Helmos and its sister mountains in a safe and fun-loving way.

We promise you the ultimate and unforgettable lifetime experience of the majestic nature unfolding as you discover the moving winter land of Greece.

Tours are limited to 15 journeys a winter year – book early to avoid any disappointment,


Kernitsa Hunting Tours© provides the best hunting expeditions with trained hunting dogs in the snow-covered mountains of the Peloponnese.

Mountain hares, wild boars and highland goats are the game permitted for hunting to all hunters during the winter months in Greece.

We promise you the definitive and memorable lifetime experience of feeling true imposing alpine nature and the challenges of hunting in the snow under the watchful eye of our game chief leading the hunting party.

While the family takes advantage of the Mount Helmos ski resort only 20 minutes from the Kernitsa Homestead, you can enjoy an exhilarating early morning experience of game hunting in the highlands of Greece and still have the entire day to join the family for skiing fun.

Tours are limited to 20 expeditions a winter year – book early to avoid any disappointment,


Kernitsa Homestead offers its own family driver for an additional daily cost for transport to and from Athens airport, for daily tours to ancient sites, for skiing or on a 24-hour on call service at your convenience during you 10-day stay with Kernitsa Homestead.